Is your landing page optimizied for maximum conversions? 

Level up your landing page

In the Bread & Butter Landing page Intensive, I partner with your team to craft a CRO-focused landing page to turn clicks into customers.

Brands I’ve worked with

Let me guess, you've been struggling with inconsistent conversion rates, unsure where to begin to make meaningful improvements. You've experimented with different strategies, but nothing seems to stick, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.

Launching a bread & butter landing page is the solution to transform your landing pages from underwhelming to irresistible, finally driving the results you've been craving.

Does this sound familiar?

Your landing pages are seeing low conversion rates, despite driving traffic through ads or other channels.
Sales figures are disappointing, with your landing pages not performing as expected.
Return on ad spend (ROAs) is lower than desired, leaving you questioning the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.
High bounce rates plague your website, indicating visitors are leaving without taking action.
Click-through rates are alarmingly low, indicating a disconnect between your messaging and audience engagement.
You're unsure about what elements to include on your landing pages to effectively engage and convert visitors.

Imagine if Your Landing page could...

Create channel-specific experiences for conversion
Cater to the funnel-stage of your customer
Load at record speed (< 0.5 SECONDS)
Optimize your paid media funnel

rave reviews all around

“With implementing a new Landing Page builder (Replo) into our business we needed an individual who had strong design aesthetics balanced with a CRO approach for our clients, Brittany was able to join right in and lend value. Brittany is always timely with responses and edits, but more specifically lends excellent expertise into our Landing Page and CRO process with our clients.”

Cory Espinosa

Head of Design at D Luxury Brands

“Working with Brittany has been a game-changer for Very Great. Previously, designing landing pages was a real struggle, but since collaborating with Brittany, turnaround time has been slashed from months to just a couple of days. Her efficiency, attention to detail, and collaborative approach have not only improved our landing pages but also boosted our confidence as a team. We wouldn't hesitate to work with Brittany again. She's a true asset to any project.”

Jeremy Peters

Director of Web Services at Very Great

Brittany is a fantastic designer — across web, UI/UX, print, and more. She has an uncanny ability to evaluate a client's needs, is unbelievably communicative, and effective at what she does. I could not recommend her more!

Aneesha Rao

Head of Marketing at The Ambr Group


You need to refresh and savor success with us.
Unlock the potential of your ecommerce brand with Refresh and Savor. Our intensive 10-day program is designed to skyrocket your conversion rates, increase average order value, and enhance overall customer experience. But act fast – only 5 spots left!

Does this sound familiar?

Intensive Approach: In just 10 days, we dive deep into your brand, community, and customer conversations.
Beyond Trends: As a CRO strategist, I go beyond trends to understand your brand and community deeply.
Tailored Solutions: I don't offer cookie-cutter solutions; I tailor strategies to fit your unique brand voice and customer journey.
Strategic Partnership: I’m not just building landing pages; I’m empowering you to lead impactful conversations and drive meaningful results.

WHat I did with Bala Bangles?

BEFORE: Great brand recongition, Slow sales

Bala was experiencing issues with their poroduct page, It was slow and conversions wrere down when direcytly paid ad traffic to the landing page

Increased CVR & AOV, Lowered CPA

We set up a split URL A/B test to test the new landing page across the Bala Beam PDP. We noticed an increase in CVR & AOV by 112.3%.

The process includes

Place an order

Fill out the onboarding form and the copywriting document to clarify goals, discuss special requests, and delve into your customer demographic to develop a custom funnel strategy.

Design and development

Now that I have all the informaton I need, I will start designing your custom landing page. After the design is complete, I send you a sneak peek to review. Then, I start dev in Replo

QA and launch

Once dev is complete, I allow you to go through and provide me an feedback before launch. After any updates are completed, it's tim to launch and what the sales com rolling in.

BREAD & BUTTER landing
page Intensive

Whatever you sell online,I will find your brands flavorful features and weave them into a conversion optimized landing page.


👩‍🍳 Custom design, layout, and UX optimized landing page

🌶 Copywriting framework doc to co-create the perfect copy

🍄 Development of LP on Replo (Replo account required)

🍗 Cross-browser testing & mobile-optimization

Launching in August

Meet the chef

Meet Brittany Shuck, the visionary behind Bread & Butter LP. As a CRO expert, Brittany identified the need for personalized, intensive solutions for D2C e-commerce brands. Her commitment to understanding each client’s brand, customers, and industry drives Bread & Butter's transformative power, empowering brands to thrive digitally.


Experience a significant boost in conversion rates and average order values, leading to tangible revenue growth for your brand.

Gain unwavering confidence in the effectiveness of your landing page strategies, knowing they're expertly tailored to your brand &customer base.

Enjoy streamlined and efficient processes, with our intensive approach ensuring rapid progress and impactful results.

Witness a transformation in your online presence, from lackluster landing pages to irresistible conversion-driving machines.


The Budding Brand
You have big dreams, but between marketing and running your brand, you don't know when you'll have time to start or resources to with a CRO agency and your designer doesn't have the expertise to create landing pages that convert.
The agency
 Maybe you're a marketing agency that work to create paid ads for brands and you're looking to outsource landing page design & development with a expert you can trust.

Maybe you're a cro agency that offers landing page design and development and looking to add another designer to your roster.

Either way I'm you're designer!
It's easy to have too many cooks in the kitchen or fall into the trap of not seeing gaps because the team has the mindset of, “We’re seeing success, so why change anything?” On these occasions, the team is too close to the brand, so they easily miss opportunities to improve the overall experience. Having an outside opinion helps surface these opportunities for landing page success.


Have any more questions? Click the chat in the bottom right your screen and I'll answer it ASAP. And yes, that is me (Brittany) chatting with you 

How much does it cost?

A flavorful landing page (design, copywriting framework doc, development, Figma file) is $2,500. Don’t need development? Click here to order design only for $1,750.

What’s the timeline?

I work efficiently, aiming to have your landing page ready to launch within 10 business days of starting the process.

Are there any rounds of revisions?

No. After designing the landing page, you'll receive a sneak peek to review the design. At this stage, provide must-have feedback, such as copy edits, shipping concerns, fulfillment, and product specs. I aim to keep design feedback to a minimum to ensure objectivity.

Why are there no revisions?

Internal teams familiar with a product sometimes struggle to create effective pages because they forget what it's like to see it for the first time. Hiring an expert (like me!) look at your product from your customers' perspective, fixing issues that might be missed.

What if I don’t use Replo?

I create and build designs in Replo, so if you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up for one to access your completed landing page. If you don't want to use Replo, I offer a design-only landing page intensive.

Does Replo work with Shopify?

Yes. It’s an integrated Shopify app that ensures seamless compatibility and functionality.

WHEN YOU create a personalized landing page you create sales that sizzle for black friday/cyber monday

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