Is your landing page optimizied for maximum conversions? 

cooking 🍳 up conversions for D2C🥫brands using Customer-first 🥞CRO expertise to turn slow 🧾sales into mouthwatering triumphs 🌮


The Head CheF

Hi, I’m Brittany, a seasoned designer with over nine years of experience in web design and development. I specialize in crafting high-converting websites and landing pages through an efficient, optimized process that transforms visitors into loyal customers. 

Unlike traditional CRO agencies that rely solely on data points from experiments like A/B tests to tweak specific areas, I take a holistic approach to conversion rate optimization.

I employ A/B testing but also delve deeper into the entire customer journey. By examining your brand's design, tone of voice, personality, and ease of use, I identify alignments and friction points at every stage.My goal is to optimize the entire user experience—from the moment a customer lands on your site to the point of purchase. I believe in brand consistency's power to drive the desired results. In a space often dominated by data and analytics, I bring a fresh perspective, showing that a cohesive, well-aligned brand experience is vital to achieving lasting success.

My Values

In this kitchen…


I love working with brands that embrace simplicity. Simplicity drives conversion rates more effectively than the latest CRO trends.

Lasting connections

I love working with brands that value lasting connections over quick cash injections—trust and respect for the community lead to enduring relationships.


I love working with brands that believe in consistency. Staying true to your brand story is critical to growing (and maintaining) a brand and community you love.